Covid-19 Safety Protocols

Welcome back to Village Theatre Waterdown!

We’re thrilled to see you and to enjoy the experience of live theatre together again!
Our Village Theatre Covid-19 Safety Response Team has been working in accordance with Ontario and Hamilton Municipality Public Health regulations to implement safety protocols to ensure that your return to live theatre will be a comfortable and worry-free experience. As regulations have changed, we have revised our own safety protocols to ensure up-to-date compliancy. We commit to regularly assess risk of transmission for you our patrons, our cast, crew, and volunteers.

Covid-19 Safety Response Team and Communication

We have assigned a Covid-19 Safety Protocols Lead, responsible for the tracking of regular Ontario government and Hamilton Municipality Public Health regulatory changes that include local news updates. We are committed to the ongoing re-evaluation and compliancy of these changes affecting all patrons and associated theatre production volunteers. As such, we have created a Covid-19 Safety Protocols Plan for training purposes in conjunction with the Executive Producer and other respective Leads to ensure circulation among all theatre production volunteers. All volunteers will receive periodic reminders of the current safety protocols and clarification with their shifts.


Effective March 21, 2022, in accordance with the Ontario and Hamilton Municipality Public Health regulations, masks will no longer be a mandate, but rather a choice. Patrons and theatre production volunteers may choose to wear or not wear a mask. We commit to respect these choices and will ensure a supportive environment.

Hygiene and Sanitisation During Performance

Hand sanitisers will be provided at all entries and touchpoints in the building.

Assigned Seating

VT offers assigned seating for all performances.

Intermission and Food/Beverage Service

Health and safety protocols are in place in accordance with the Ontario HPPA and Municipal by-laws to ensure the safe handling of all food and beverage items during intermission.

Crowd Management

Assigned volunteers will manage crowd flow as needed pre/post performance in the areas of: foyers, elevators, cloakroom, washrooms, concession and auditorium.